Project Description

Arvi312g NEW
Baby Okra 312g NEW
Bhindi Okra Cut NEW
Green Chana 312g NEW
Green Chilli Har Mirchi 312g NEW
Guar - Cluster Beans 312g NEW
Karela - Bitter Guard 312g NEW
Methi 312g NEW
Mutter Green Peas 312g NEW
Parval 312g NEW
Punjabi Tinda NEW
Saragawa - Drumstick 312g NEW
Sarson 312g NEW
Spinach NEW
Suran 312g NEW
Surti Papdi Lilva NEW
Surti Papdi NEW
Surti Undhiya Mix NEW
Tindora NEW
Toovar Lilva NEW
Turia NEW
Val Lilva NEW
Val Papdi NEW

We procure farm fresh vegetables grown in rich Indian soils.

We ensure stringent cleansing standards and a limited time on freezing the vegetables so that you enjoy the taste of fresh vegetable directly from the farm to the fork.

See our full product list below…

Frozen Veggie Products
  • Amla 312g
  • Arvi 312g
  • Baby Okra 312g
  • Bhindi Okra Cut 312g
  • Green Chana 312g
  • Green Chilli Har Mirchi 312g
  • Guar – Cluster Beans 312g
  • Karela – Bitter Guard 312g
  • Methi 312g
  • Mutter Green Peas 312g
  • Parval  312g
  • Punjabi Tinda 312g
  • Saragawa – Drumstick 312g
  • Sarson 312g
  • Spinach 312g
  • Suran  312g
  • Surti Papdi Lilva 312g
  • Surti Papdi 312g
  • Surti Undhiya Mix 312g
  • Tindora 312g
  • Toovar Lilva 312g
  • Turia 312g
  • Val Lilva 312g
  • Val Papdi 312g