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Basmati is long grain aromatic rice that is grown in the Indo-Gangetic Plain beneath Himalayan sub ranges. The fertile alluvial soil, fresh and cold air and the sweet water from the ranges contribute primarily to the unique characteristics associated to the grain. The rice is long and separate after cooking, having a distinct aroma and discrete nutty taste. This is what makes it the world’s favorite variety among large rice-eating populations. At KRBL, we’ve spent our three generations perfecting the Basmati grain, our core competence.

ITC Aashirvaad



ITC Aashirvaad Atta was launched on 27th May 2002 and within a short span has become the number one in branded packaged atta across India. . At ITC Aashirvaad, extra care is taken to keep things as natural as possible. The way Mother Nature intended for them to be. In our quest to provide you wholesome goodness, the finest of ingredients are sourced, directly from the farmers.

ITC Aashirvaad Atta is made from the choicest grains – heavy on the palm, golden amber in colour and hard in bite. It is carefully ground using modern ‘chakki – grinding’ process for the perfect balance of colour, taste and nutrition which also ensures that Aashirvaad atta contains 0% Maida and is 100% Sampoorna Atta. The dough made from Aashirvaad Atta absorbs more water, hence rotis remain softer for longer.




Spices have a long and ancient history, especially in India, where they are a part of life and heritage. In every home & in every province across the country, different spices and blends are used to create different and distinctive tastes in dishes. Several decades ago, housewives used to grind their spices manually at home and make their own blends for use in their cooking. To make this process easier for the housewife, ’MAHASHIAN DI HATTI’ (MDH) visualized the concept of ready-to-use ground spices. Starting with manually ground spices, MDH soon switched over to automatic machines to meet the fast growing demand for MDH Spices.




Established in 1963, Gits pioneered the convenience packaged food segment by being the first company to introduce the concept of Instant Mixes in India. We are not just the pioneers in introducing pre-packaged foods but we are also amongst the first Food Product manufacturing companies in India to obtain ISO 9001 – 2008 (Quality Standard) ISO 22000 (Food safety).

Gits Products are available across India and exported to over 40 countries.
Product lines: Ready-to-Cook (Instant Mixes), Ready-to-Eat (Ready Meals), Dairy Products (Pure Ghee).




Parle a small company that was started in the year 1929 with a simple intent to spread cheer among people with its lip-smacking range of Biscuits & Confectionaries has now transformed into to a multi-million dollar company and boasting of a 40% share in the India Biscuits Industry and 17% of the Indian Confectionery Industry, this 82 year old company has now become a household name in India. Hygiene being Parle’s top most priority, Parle ensures freshness in each and every step of production.

Parle’s Quality and Freshness have won both National and International acclaim which includes gold and silver honors at Monde Selection-an International Institute for assessing food quality. With availability in more than 85 countries across six continents our products are making waves globally too.

Wagh Bakri



Wagh Bakri Tea Group is more than 100 years old (since 1892) and enjoys extraordinary loyalty in India & Abroad with an annual turnover in excess of US$ 145 million. Currently they are exporting (1) Premium Tea & Tea Bags (2) Flavoured and Specialty Teas (3) 100% Certified Organic Teas and (4) Instant 3-in-1 Tea Premix in various International markets. Their products are available at leading Mainstream Supermarkets viz Carrefour, Woolworth, Coles, Loblaws, No Frills, Lulu Hypermarket and many more International retail chains across the world.

Garvi Gujrat



Garvi Gujrat has an alluring array of traditional Gujarati fare. The frozen range includes all-time favorites such as Methi Dhebra, Puran Poli, Patra and more, while the snacks range tempts you with popular gujarati delights such as roasted Bhakarvadi, Samosa, Sing Bhujia and Chevda.




Regal was established in the heart of Yorkshire (UK) to cater for the growing needs of the South Asian consumer. From a humble beginning, selling to the small corner grocery stores it is now a multi million pounds global business.

Established upon the foundation of 30 years experience in the Bakery and Confectionary sector, Regal Food Products Group produce many varieties of Bakery Products in addition to the traditional Eastern range, and have also diversified with a complimentary range of widespread products

In a very dynamic few years, Regal Food Products has demonstrated the ability to establish huge growth in its British market and to be a prominent exporter and overseas distributor.




Founded in 1974 by Hector McCallum. The company has progressed since its inception to an outstanding international supplier of processed meat products.
As one of Australasia’s largest producers of further processed meat products, McCallum Industries currently exports over 75 percent of it’s production around the world.
Competing in over 25 export markets, the company enjoys dominant market share in many Pacific Rim countries.

The company’s manufactured food products strictly conform to both New Zealand and USDA food regulations and are certified for export by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority. An approved HACCP quality system is a critical part of the QA programs and is your assurance of outstanding quality and McCallum Industries’ absolute commitment to superior levels of service and performance.

Cook Brand Pure Ghee



Ghee which is also known as clarified butter, COOK butter ghee is made from the finest cow’s milk. It goes through minimal processing and contains no artificial preservatives. Unlike ordinary butter, butter ghee does not contain milk solids and can be heated to high temperatures without burning and smoking. Hailed as an essential ingredient for the preparation of Arabic, Indian, Malay, Mughal and Persian cuisine. Our butter ghee is the gourmet’s preference. Available packaging include tin and pail. Product of Singapore.

FMF Biscuits



Suva Flour Mills Co Ltd we started operations in Walu Bay, Suva, Fiji in 1973. The name was then changed to “Flour Mills of Fiji Ltd” from which originated the “FMF” brand. The initial project came about with support from the Fiji government and was a milestone event in the inception of the manufacturing sector in Fiji. Initially, we started out milling flour and sharps, with a capacity of 200 tons per day.

Today, Flour Mills of Fiji has transformed into a diverse food manufacturing facility which produces a variety of flour based and other products. With a vast range of food products, it was only appropriate to reflect this in the company name which was changed to FMF Foods Limited in 2011.FMF Foods Group of Companies today provides for most of Fiji’s household food needs and its reach extends to other Pacific Island countries where products of Fiji are highly admired and loved.



Nanak Foods

Nanak Foods is the flagship brand of Punjab Milk Foods Inc., the largest and most innovative Indian dairy in North America. Certified by CFIA, FDA & EU, our facilities in Canada are run by dedicated employees and driven by state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. With extensive research and experience as the backbone, our products are known for their unmatchable taste, fresh ingredients and premium quality. Today our brands Nanak foods is available in every Indian grocery store and add a dash of authentic Indian flavors in many homes. Our lineup of Dairy products – Paneer, Ghee; Appetizer – Veggie Burger Patties, Veggie Kebabs, Aloo-Tikki & delicious Desserts – Rasmalai, Gulabjamun are permanent part of daily meals and celebrations.

kozhi kodens



Kozhikkodens’ is a family owned bake house based at Calicut. Its formation was during the year 1992 by the strong skill and back up that we inherited from our ancestors.