SINCE 1959

It all began in 1959 in a small town in Kuantan Malaysia. Katoomba opened as a small milling company servicing a little community by milling flour and spices. The operations were not large by any scale, it was more of a father-son team working in a tiny room with a single grinding machine. As the years went past the operations grew with product range increasing to pastes and other basic commodities such as rice and lentils and the focus was more towards distribution.


It was a dream of the son (Albert A.Nathan) to move his family and start similar operations in Australia. This dream became true in 1987, when he finally moved to Sydney and purchased a small retail and manufacturing unit in Croydon, Sydney and started Katoomba Foods. It began producing basic condiments such as spices, ginger and garlic paste. These products were sold to restaurants and supermarkets in New South Wales.


The company entered the food imports market with some key brands for the Pacific Islands Trade.


The company entered the frozen market and simultaneously explored product imports from South East Asia. All this was accomplished in the small warehouse less than 1500sqm and with only family support.

The small spice and flour milling unit in Malaysia
“Selvam Spice centre” is the first spice and retail store opened in Australia by the family
“Katoomba Trading” the first warehouse started in Sydney


The company began its major growth in the business by joining alliance with some of the most renowned companies from India and Malaysia. The brand portfolio of the company was also starting to develop.


Katoomba Foods began its Melbourne operations by setting up a state of the art warehousing facility with an 8000 sqm warehouse located in Dandenong South.


Katoomba Foods enters COSTCO Australia.


Katoomba Foods expands its operations into Brisbane & Perth joining strategic partnership with local distributors and helping them grow to be one of the leading supply chain networks for their brands within their territories which further covered distribution to over 800 outlets.


Katoomba Foods ventures into Adelaide to set up operations and now distributes to over 500 outlets catering to a vast variety of outlets ranging from Mom & Pop shops to the mainstream market.


Katoomba Foods enters into Woolworths in Australia.


Katoomba Foods enters into Coles in Australia.


Katoomba Foods enters into manufacturing by setting up a modern manufacturing facility in Melbourne.