• Katoomba Chapatti
  • Katoomba Punjabi Samosa Spicy 75g
  • Katoomba veggies
Katoomba Brand



Katoomba as a frozen foods brand is very well-recognised and trusted.Under the Katoomba umbrella we offer a wide range of vegetables, snacks, roti- paratha and chapattis.

To assure only the highest quality produce to all our customers we work diligently with all our suppliers to ensure procurement, product handling and packaging are executed with great care. All our products are made from the finest quality ingredients under stringent hygienic conditions using modern machinery which retains freshness.

We also invest a lot of time, effort and research into product development. This is done to understand and fulfil the on-going need gaps of the modern consumer. We are then able to benchmark our products to authentic recipes which allows us to fine tune and launch products that delivers irresistible taste.

Brings you home for every meal!